2016 Calendar

Dunne arrested

Ray Dunne being arrested and removed from the Teamsters Strike
Headquarters by National Guard Troops August 1, 1934


An injury to one is an injury to all.

“The workers knew Ray Dunne as a good organizer, a man who smoked union-made cigarettes, was fond of the movies, lived in his mother’s house in South Minneapolis, didn’t get drunk, and was honest. They followed his leadership and many of them, if the occasion offered, would be quite willing to die for him. One reason was his physical courage. Life had made bodily fearlessness a matter of routine. In the past two years alone, Dunne has been beaten up several times by the police on picket lines, attacked in the street by armed thugs, thrown into jail, confined in a stockade under military guard by the governor. More important than physical fearlessness is his moral nerve. He tells workers what he thinks of a situation whether they like it or not. I have seen him argue down two thousand truck drivers who opposed his policies.”

–  Charles Rumford Walker – AMERICAN CITY


“… a timely show, and it tells an important story about class struggle and the roots of American organized labour,”  –  Apt 613 (Ottawa)

“Dunne was a fascinating character and Petrick is an expert storyteller”   –  Winnipeg Free Press

 “It’s not just the forgotten history that makes V.R. Dunne so engrossing — it’s the urgent, timely message that the man brings.”  –  Edmonton Journal

“Petrick’s investigation of Dunne is impeccable. He includes anecdotes of Dunne’s personal life interspersed with the global effects of his actions. He demonstrates the might of the union and, importantly, the involvement of women not only as nurses and cooks, but also as corporate spies.”  –  Showbill.ca (Victoria)



Fresno Rogue Festival

March 3  –  March 12


 Ottawa Fringe Festival

June 17  –  June 25


Regina International Fringe Theatre Festival

 July 6  –   July 10


Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival

July 14  –   July 24


PotashCorp Fringe Theatre Festival (Saskatoon)

July 28  –  August 6


Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival

Venue #: 9, Telus Phone Museum
10437 – 83rd Ave.

August 12  –  August 20


Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival

Victoria Fringe

Venue 4 – Wood Hall, 907 Pandora St.

Fri, Aug 26      5:00 pm

Sat, Aug 27      6:30 pm

Thu, Sept 1      5:00 pm

Fri, Sept 2        6:45 pm

Sat, Sept 3      12:00 pm

Sun, Sept 4       5:45 pm


Vancouver Fringe Festival

Vancouver Fringe

False Creek Gym

Thu, Sep 8     7:00 pm

Sat, Sep 10    8:30 pm

Wed, Sep 14  5:00 pm

Thu, Sep 15    9:40 pm

Fri, Sep 16      6:15 pm

Sun, Sep 18     1:45 pm 


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