Never Own Anything You Have to Paint or Feed

Written and Performed by Howard Petrick

Directed by Mark Kenward

Howard Petrick’s living on the edge of skid row, working as a yard clerk on the railroad and trying to keep one-step ahead of the draft board. His best friend makes a living threatening to “kill” balloon puppies. His yearning to wander is fueled by hobo stories; dive bar loners, IWW socialists and a west bound freight train. The prequel to the award-winning BREAKING RANK!

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“Hypnotizing…Petrick is wrapped in a blanket of history he’s willing to share by the fire.” – Edmonton Journal

“A novelist’s ability to place an image in your mind.” – Kings River Life

 FOUR STARS – Howard Petrick paints an evocative and affectionate portrait of these rough-and-tumble men, train-hopping across America in search of work and adventure.”  – CBC

FOUR STARS –  Funny… Poignant!Winnipeg Free Press

“Howard Petrick is not a trained actor but he is a living piece of history…” – Capital Critics’ Circle, Ottawa

“The work of an enthralling storyteller” – Apt 613, Ottawa

“Petrick’s story is engaging, and he does an excellent job depicting the often-hilarious quirks of its characters through great physical and vocal work.”  – The New Ottawa Critics

“Petrick’s stories linger long after the curtain closes.”  – The Revue

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