Performance History


Cincy Fringe Festival       Cininnati OH,             May 31 – June 10

INDY Fringe Festival        Indianapolis, IN        August 17 – 26

Chicago Fringe Festival   Chicago, IL                 Aug. 31 – Sep. 3

Elgin Fringe Festival        Elgin, IL                      September 14 – 18

First Unitarian                  Minneapolis, MN        September 22
Society of Mpls.

East Side Freedom           St. Paul, MN                 September 23

The Marsh                         San Francisco, CA       November 1


Monday Night Marsh       San Francisco, CA             January 13 & 27

Busting Out Storytelling  Oakland, CA                        February 14

Fresno Rogue Festival     Fresno, CA                           Feb. 28 – Mar 8

Ottawa Fringe Festival     Ottawa, ON                          June 20-29

PotashCorp Fringe            Saskatoon, SK                     Jul 31 – Aug 9

Marsh Rising                        San Francisco, CA             October 22

Solo Sundays                       San Francisco, CA             December 21



The Vent                                San Francisco, CA             May 19

Tell It On Tuesday              Berkeley, CA                       January 29

Monday Night Marsh       San Francisco, CA             February 11 & 25

Rogue Festival                    Fresno, CA                           March 1-9

Solo Sundays                       San Francisco, CA             June 23

Regina Fringe                      Regina, SK                            July 10-14

Winnipeg Fringe                Winnipeg, MA                     July 18-27

Knox United Church       Kenora, Ontario                  July 30

Edmonton Fringe             Edmonton, AB                    August 15-25

Solo Sundays                      San Francisco, CA             December 15


High Dive                               Oakland, CA                 February 25

Fresno Rogue Festival     Fresno, CA                   March 3-9

Monday Night Marsh       San Francisco, CA     April 16 & May 7

Cincy Fringe Festival      Cincinnati, OH             May 30- June 8

Ottawa Fringe Festival    Ottawa, ON                  Jun 14-24

Regina Fringe Festival    Regina, SK                     July 4–8

Winnipeg Fringe               Winnipeg, MA              July 19-28

PotashCorp Festival       Saskatoon, SK               August 2-9

Pope Art Theatre             Terrace, MN                  August 15

Indianapolis Fringe      Indianapolis, IN            Aug 18-26

Chicago Fringe Festival  Chicago, IL                   Aug 29-Sep 9

United Solo Festival      New York, NY                November 3

The Found Theatre        Long Beach, CA           November 9-11


FronteraFest 2011         Austin,TX                  January 18-22

Tell It On Tuesday          Berkeley, CA              February 22

Words First                       San Francisco, CA    March 2

Fresno Rogue Festival   Fresno, CA                  March 4-12

The Marsh Rising            San Francisco, CA    May 3

Winnipeg Fringe              Winnipeg, MA           July 15-24

SF Theater Festival        San Francisco, CA     August 7

Victoria Fringe Fest.     Victoria, BC                Aug 25-Sep 4

Vancouver Fringe          Vancouver, BC           September 8-18

Solo Sundays                    San Francisco, CA     September 25

The Marsh Berkeley       Berkeley, CA               Oct 20-Dec 10


Monday Night Marsh    San Francisco, CA     January 11, 25

FronteraFest 2010        Austin, TX                     February 5

Words First                       San Francisco, CA      April 7

City Solo                             San Francisco, CA     August 1

The High Dive                   Oakland, CA                 August 13

BoulderFringe                  Boulder, CO                 August 17-29

ChicagoFringe                  Chicago, IL                  September 1-5


FronteraFest 2009        Austin, TX                    January 23

Monday Night Marsh    San Francisco, CA     May 11, 25

SF Theater Festival        San Francisco, CA     July 26

Monday Night Marsh    San Francisco, CA     December 10, 17


Monday Night Marsh    San Francisco, CA     September 15, 22

SF Theater Festival        San Francisco, CA     July 27

Tell It On Tuesday          Berkeley, Ca                 November 18

Monday Night Marsh    San Francisco, CA     December 6, 13


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